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Innovationsforum 2016


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21th Innovationsforum For Automation Dresden

6. February 2024 | News

The 21st. Innovation Forum for Automation 2024: A story of deep bonds and a moving farewell

Our two-day conference has always been the meeting place for the semiconductor industry.  With a record number of 333 guests this year, not only were old connections reaffirmed, but many new ones were made. Another ...

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3. July 2023 | News

Call for Speakers: Is there something you want to tell us?

At the upcoming Innovation Forum for Automation (January 25-26, 2024), we are offering two speaker slots in addition to our carefully curated invited talks. If you are passionate about automation in high-tech manufacturing and want to share ...

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20th Innovationsforum For Automation Dresden

7. February 2023 | News

20 years Innovation Forum for Automation: When growing older is a pleasure.

January is traditionally the month of the Innovation Forum for Automation. This year there was even more reason to enjoy it and, above all, to participate in person. The Innovation Forum for Automation turned 20!  More than 300 ...

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19th Innovationsforum For Automation Dresden

15. July 2022 | News

Networking matters: The 19th Innovation Forum for Automation

After two years of following the pandemic way of life, we are back to business with the Innovation Forum for Automation. And what a blast this “summer edition” was! More than 200 international participants finally ...

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6. February 2020 | News

Another big success: The 17th Innovation Forum for Automation

More than 330 international participants gathered on January 23rd and 24th in Dresden. Industry and R&D experts from the semiconductor and electronics industry shared their experience and vision in automation ...

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16th Innovationsforum For Automation Dresden
Lingnerschloss Dresden

8. February 2019 | News

Competitive advantages with manufacturing automation in a global, connected world

Dresden, January 25, 2019. The possibilities of the fourth industrial revolution and the accompanying digitization in production are clear: these developing technologies will help to standardize, automate, and optimize ...

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16th Innovationsforum For Automation Dresden 2019
DGUV Akademie Dresden

6. February 2019 | News

The 16th Innovation Forum for Automation was a big success

About 300 international participants met on January 24th and 25th in Dresden. Industry and R&D experts shared their experience in factory automation related to the smart factory. The annual conference, hosted by Automation ...

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16th Innovationsforum For Automation Dresden
Lingnerschloss Dresden

25. January 2019 | News

Wettbewerbsvorteile durch Fertigungsautomatisierung in einer globalen, vernetzen Welt

Zum 16. Mal findet das internationale Fachforum „Innovation Forum for Automation“ in Dresden statt. Experten aus der Industrie und Forschung teilen ihre Erfahrungen in der Fertigungsautomatisierung auf dem Weg zur smarten ...

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Save-the-date 1. Innovation Forum 2030

7. April 2018 | News

Join the 13th Silicon Saxony Day

The 13th Silicon Saxony Day promises outstanding keynote speakers from Atlassian and DB RegioNetz. Improve your knowledge due to our super exciting expert sessions. Our specialists break the latest news about Digital Entrepreneurs, ...

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5. January 2018 | News

Save the date!

Automation increases industrial added value The 15th international expert forum “Innovation Forum for Automation“ presents application examples for automation and Industry 4.0 Dresden, 19 December ...

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