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Dr. Christian Schwarz

Discipline Manager, Optics

Direct lithography systems require advanced integrated substrate handling for next generation ICS manufacturing

KLA Corporation develops advanced process control and process-enabling solutions for the semiconductor and related industries to enable next generation electronic devices. To extend its technology product portfolio towards high-end PCB manufacturing, KLA acquired Orbotech and its more than 25 years of expertise in direct imaging (DI) solutions. Within DI development, KLA is focused on the next generation of high-end PCB applications, such as integrated circuit substrates (ICS). KLA’s DI systems feature outstanding overlay accuracy as well as its proven large scan optics (LSO) with high DOF and stitch-less autofocus. To unleash the full capabilities of DI technology capable of high-end applications like ICS, a seamless integration of the tool with the customers material and process data handling (MES) was necessary. We will discuss our highly customized panel-handling capability, and how our system handles delicate customer materials with high precision, while not compromising throughput.

About Dr. Christian Schwarz

Dr. Christian Schwarz studied physics at the University of Jena, where he received a PhD in solid state physics investigating mechanical properties of semiconductor materials for ultra-precision length measurements in 2012. In 2015 he joined Orbotech as optics development engineer. From 2019 he led the development for a next-gen direct imaging (DI) product until mid of 2022 when he transitioned to head of KLA’s direct imaging optics.