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16th Innovationsforum For Automation Dresden Lingnerschloss Dresden

Automation Network Dresden

We innovate manufacturing.


Founded in 2003, the Automation Network Dresden (AND) combines the expertise and competencies of the four Dresden-based automation specialists: Fabmatics, Kontron AIS, SYSTEMA and XENON. We are recognized globally for working on sophisticated fab automation projects and technologies in semiconductor and related high-tech industries.  

The focus of our competence network is to highlight current trends and developments in the field of automation and to develop solutions for the challenges of the future together with our customers and partners.  

With our 1,000 employees and 30 years of automation expertise, the four partner companies offer hardware and software for the efficient use
of mature technologies as well as innovative systems for new production processes.  

Since 2004 we have been bringing together thought leaders, engineers, and researchers from around the world at the “Innovation Forum for Automation” in Dresden, Germany. Our aim is to enable an intensive exchange, a mutual learning experience and the chance to connect with other automation enthusiasts.  

XENON Automation
Assembly Technology for SMART DEVICES

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Kontron AIS
The Benchmark in Industrial Software

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16th Innovationsforum For Automation Dresden 2019 DGUV Akademie Dresden

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