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David Hanny

Senior Director Strategy & Marketing

Real manufacturing limitations & opportunities

Semiconductor high volume manufacturers face a real challenge. The opportunities of using advanced technologies that provide material benefits at volumes have been less realized than hoped. What is causing this problem? Application maturity on these technologies and prevailing disparate information are limiting factors in improvement of key manufacturing KPIs. In this session Applied Materials will define and address why technology advancement and integration are both necessary to make intelligent decisions in real-time. We will outline how this is being addressed in semiconductor factories and a roadmap on how to take your journey towards increased manufacturing performance.

Expert Panel
Expert Panel

Panel discussion with a selection of speakers of the Innovation Forum for Automation 2022 – led by Ricco Walter, SYSTEMA.

About David Hanny

David Hanny has been working in the nano-manufacturing industries over 25 years as a supplier of automation software. During this time, David has been successful in bringing multiple innovative software products to market that are being used in semiconductor, display, and pharma industries. He has done extensive work in the areas of material handling controls, RFID, and advanced short-interval scheduling.

Prior to his position at Applied, David worked in the high end visual simulation market providing real-time solutions in the airline, automotive, entertainment, and military segments.

Hanny has a BS degree in computer science from Weber State University. He is the author of the book RFID Applied and has been published several times in technical and business articles. He is a husband and father of 5 daughters. David coaches an elite level fastpitch softball and is fluent in Japanese.