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Siegfried Ickert

Senior Manager Sales & Business Development

Automating a mature fab means …

In this presentation we would like to show an analytic conclusion about the more than twenty years cooperation between the supplier of automation systems and the semiconductor manufacturing customer. We will explain the overall structure and sequences of automation as a key factor for successful automation in a human focused
manufacturing environment. General guidelines and practical automation solutions will give a “big” picture approach for mature semiconductor fabs. Actual a lot of 200mm fabs are planning upgrades in automation, but what does this mean? …

About Siegfried Ickert

After graduating at the TU Dresden in 2010, Siegfried Ickert started working for HAP / Fabmatics as a qualified engineer for mechanical design. After years of metamorphosing through all roles a project course requires, he now works as a technical sales manager with focus on stationary as well as guided robot handling systems.

Beside his expertise for innovative handling solutions, he was part of the development team for the HERO®rail and HERO®Fab and is still strongly connected to the extension of the usecases for these systems.