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Vincent Fischer

Automation Manager

Automation in R&D: Complying with contradictory constraints of seemingly incompatible worlds

The CEA-Leti is one of the 3 European RTOs in semi-conductor manufacturing.  Being an R&D center and not a production fab raises specific challenges to bringing automation into the shop floor.

Automation is based on reproducible processes and work methodologies, whereas R&D needs high versatility and adaptability during process steps. For example, very advanced process steps do not allow giving a precise recipe in the MES, but merely and integration scheme. The engineers on the shop floor will prepare a new recipe to realize the target integration.

At first sight, automation and very advanced R&D seem incompatible. The presentation will focus on the solutions that have been deployed in the CEA-Leti clean rooms to tackle this incompatibility.

After a short history of the automation project at CEA-Leti, the specific solutions both for automation development, and use on the shop floor, will be detailed.

About Vincent Fischer

Vincent Fischer has been working in the semiconductor industry for the past 15 years, in the areas of factory automation and electronic design automation.
Since 2017, he is leading the clean room automation team at CEA-Leti. He has also developed customization modules on the Leti MES solution.
Prior to joining Leti, Mr Fischer worked at different EDA companies, developing software for yield optimization and high sigma yield analysis.
He has an MSc and PhD in Electrical Engineering, both from the Grenoble Alpes University, France.