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Thomas Beeg

CEO Fabmatics USA Inc.
Factory Physics and Automation BLOG

The increasing benefit of fab automation after the "Great chip shortage"

The Semiconductor Industry is currently busy at record order levels and cannot keep up with the demand.

While maximum factory output is the most important success factor during the current “chip shortage”, the focus will shift back to fast cycle times and high levels of on-time delivery when the industry capacity is again greater than the demand. Fully automated material transport and handling will be a huge advantage to successfully compete for orders. The presentation will discuss this topic more in detail, while reflecting on trends and data points from the blog: www.factoryphysicsandautomation.com.

Expert Panel
Expert Panel

Panel discussion with a selection of speakers of the Innovation Forum for Automation 2022 – led by Ricco Walter, SYSTEMA.

About Thomas Beeg

Thomas Beeg is CEO and Managing Director of Fabmatics USA Inc. as well as the author of the blog www.factoryphysicsandautomation.com .

Mr. Beeg has over 25 years of experience in the semiconductor manufacturing industry, focused on Equipment Engineering, Manufacturing Operations, Industrial Engineering and Factory Automation. Prior to joining Fabmatics, he worked for Infineon/Qimonda, Globalfoundries and Wolfspeed in more than 20 Frontend FABs in Europe, Asia and the US.

Mr. Beeg has a strong passion for optimizing semiconductor FAB output and cycle time, applying advanced WIP flow management and automation technologies.