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Patrick Hirt | AP&S International

Patrick Hirt

Director Sales
AP&S International

Next generation of automation in wet processing - Challenges and advantages of a fully automated batch tool for high throughput

Why is a next generation of automation in wet processing necessary?
Requirements and principles of any semiconductor production, like maximum yield achieved by maximum automation and productivity on a small footprint, saving space and costs, or minimal clean room intervention while tool set-up, push us to develop new technologies.

In this presentation we will show you our next generation fully automated batch tool for high throughput, the challenge as well as advantages for fabs. It’s a mixture of fully automated hardware and cutting-edge software solutions. A particular highlight is the robot cell with its connection to the OHT, high number of storage locations, wafer handling, LMC buffer station and more.

About Patrick Hirt

Started as a Product Manager and later responsible as Director Sales, Patrick Hirt has over thirteen years of experience in ICT network solutions, building automation and connection technology for PCBs and devices. With a passion for bringing complex, innovative and customer-oriented solutions to the market, he is now responsible for the international sales of wet process equipment at AP&S.

AP&S offers the complete range from single wafer process systems to wet benches for batch processes as well as Fab-Logistic Tools. This wide range enables AP&S to meet the needs of its customers and to respond to their individual requirements.