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Niels Krauch | Photonics Systems Group

Niels Krauch

Chief Sales Officer
Photonics Systems Group

The Photonics Systems Group’s journey from laser experts to the semiconductor industry

The Photonics Systems Group is a market leader in laser systems for micromaterial processing, serving the photovoltaic, electronics, and semiconductor industries worldwide. In this talk, we will share our journey from being a niche machine building player to entering the semiconductor market. We will discuss the challenges and opportunities we faced, the strategies and solutions we adopted, and the lessons and insights we learned along the way. Our goal is to inspire and inform other machine builders who are interested in exploring this fast-growing and dynamic sector.

Join us and discover how PSG leveraged its expertise, experience, and excellence to become a successful player in the semiconductor industry.

About Niels Krauch

Niels Krauch is Chief Sales Officer of Photonics Systems Group in Krailling.

His responsibilities are the global sales organization including the product management and business development of the industry group.

Niels was Chief Technology Officer of the company for many years and gained vast experience of the technological challenges of the photonics industry during the last 15 years of his career.

Niels holds a Master in Mechanical Engineering from the RWTH Aachen.