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Kerstin Kurfürst | Infineon Technologies

Kerstin Kurfürst

System Expert
Infineon Technologies

Exchanging the MES DB online - hazard or realistic task?

Infineon is using a home-grown MES, developed together with Systema over 25 years. When some technological updates have been finished, it also will be the MES for each Infineon frontend fab. One important part of these technological changes is the replacement of the database Adabas by MSSQL.
The presentation outlines the way from the Adabas-based MES BasicCellController (BCC) to an MSSQL based system without interrupting the fabs producing wafers. We describe the background and reasons for our selected migration method and how we realized it for the most challenging part: switching the WIP data.

About Kerstin Kurfürst

Kerstin Kurfürst works for Infineon in Dresden since 1994, starting with Workstream. Over the years, she worked on several automation projects like Randomize, Experiment Management System and the Workstream replacement until 2019.

The recent project is the replacement of the MES database.