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Jorgen Lundgren Entegris

Jorgen Lundgren

Senior Field Applications Engineer
Entegris GmbH

Purge = More “good” wafers out the door

The continuous shrinkage of line width and the use of the new material / process steps drive the need of a tighter wafer environment control. More and more studies show that maintaining an ultra clean FOUP environment can improve process yield in 45nm and below processes. Besides AMC / particle contamination, moisture and oxygen content are two major items to be controlled. Entegris has developed a total solution for customer’s FOUP environment control need on their high-end process. It has been proven effective in the field.
This presentation will explore and present the challenges our Industry are facing related to airborne molecular contamination for 300mm wafers and below. It will address Entegris 300mm Front Opening Unified Pod diffuser technology and barrier materials. Also address the challenges where and when to purge with some customer related results.

About Jorgen Lundgren

  • Senior Field Applications Engineer with electronic engineering degree from Sweden.
  • 10 years with a Swedish International company in a world wide technical support function, 5 of those based in Hessen Germany.
  • 25 years with Entegris supporting the Semiconductor Industry in many different technical roles with focus on wafer and reticle contamination control during handling, transport and shipping of their sensitive devices.
  • Heading up European Fab projects such as product qualifications and fab conversions.
  • Contributor to ongoing Entegris/CEA–Leti collaboration FOUP polymer contamination/decontamination research Project and the completed 4 years European TSV-Handy wafer handling Project.
  • Entegris patent owner for a patent of an Enviromental Control Pack. Speaker at several SEMI events.