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Jörg Weigang

Application Engineer
Applied Materials

Rapid prototyping automation solutions – a case study from backend production

At the Infineon backend sites there are many examples of multiple equipment being connected to constitute a sequential cluster. The equipment is sending individual equipment state signals, but there is not necessarily an overall cluster state available. As capacity decisions are made for the overall clusters, the need to measure cluster availability accurately is important to drive productivity improvement.
In this case study, we will show you how Applied Materials APF products can be used for prototyping cluster equipment states, introduce various software components, and show how quickly you can implement and compare different approaches.

About Jörg Weigang

Jörg is Application Engineer at Applied Materials supporting customers implementing dispatching, scheduling, planning and full auto solutions.

Jörg has a strong passion for optimizing and automating processes. He is working in the semiconductor industry for 25 years on industrial engineering topics. Prior to this current role Jörg worked for Globalfoundries and AMD designing and implementing the dispatching and automation solutions for the 200 and 300 mm fabs in Dresden.

Jörg has a Master degree in computer science from TU Dresden.