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Gunter Erfurt | Meyer Burger

Gunter Erfurt

Meyer Burger

Re-establishing of advanced manufacturing of silicon solar cells and modules in Europe and the USA

Europe and the USA are currently trying to get out of their almost 100% dependence on solar modules from China. While the USA has already created the necessary framework conditions for the growth of a new domestic solar industry (e.g. via the Inflation Reduction Act),

Europe is still at the beginning. However, European research institutes are still technology leaders and “trendsetters” and Europe has an existing ecosystem of research and development and companies. These conditions and the new geopolitical reality not only show the need for a renaissance of a strong solar industry, but also its opportunities for prosperity and resilience.

Automation and Industry 4.0 initiatives are necessary prerequisites for a profitable European and US solar industry based on the latest and most durable photovoltaic technology for products and their upstream production.

About Gunter Erfurt

Gunter Erfurt has been CEO and a member of the Executive Board of Meyer Burger Technology Ltd since April 2020. Erfurt, who holds a doctorate in physics, has been active in the solar industry for more than 20 years and serves on the board of SPE, the German Solar Industry Association and the board of trustees of the FhG ISE, among others.