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Frank Peters | Hydrabyte

Frank Peters


RoboSphere: Advances in motion computation and real-time execution of multiple manipulators

Multi-robot technology sets high standards in productivity and space utilization. The associated highest engineering costs can be amortized in automotive body construction, but represent an insurmountable economic hurdle for the rest of the manufacturing industry. The reason is a lack of algorithms and software tools specifically for robot groups in a confined space. The RoboSphere demonstrates the latest advances in motion calculation and real-time execution of multiple manipulators. This technology is intended to lay the foundation for accelerating and increasing the quality of planning processes.

About Frank Peters

Frank Peters, born in 1987, completed his mechanical engineering studies with a focus on mechanical design, calculation and simulation at the TU Bergakademie Freiberg in 2015.

Driven by his interest in unconventional solution approaches, he worked, among other things, on evolutionary algorithms and their optimization application to multi-body systems and general mechanical assemblies. After his first professional experience as a development engineer for driver assistance systems, Mr. Peters returned to applied research at the Fraunhofer IWU in Chemnitz. There he developed an algorithm for calculating safety areas around free-standing robot systems, which was brought to the point where a patent was granted. Another algorithm developed for the movement coordination of groups of manipulators was qualified by Mr. Peters in Dresden to the RoboSphere demonstrator. This forms the basis for the start-up Hydrabyte that he is founding, which wants to significantly reduce the engineering costs of multi-robot systems.