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Frank Bösenberg

Managing Director
Silicon Saxony

EU Chips Act and its implications for Europe/Germany - the good, the bad and the ugly

The EU Chips Act is meant to be the answer to the challenge of securing and increasing Europe’s market share within the semiconductor industry. The ambitious goal is to gain back market share up to the level of 20% until 2030. The presentation will shed a light on the status of the EU Chips Act, related challenges and opportunities from the regional up to the global level.

About Frank Bösenberg

Frank Bösenberg graduated from TU Dresden in civil engineering and business administration before starting to work in the field of international project management, mainly related to EU funded R&D projects. In 2014, he joined Silicon Saxony as project manager of Silicon Europe, the European network of semiconductor clusters.

Since 2018, he is Managing Director of the Dresden based network organisation that supports its more than 400 members with regard to networking, lobbying and consequently growth, thereby actively contributing to the ambitious goals of the EU Chips Act.