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Dr. Udo Kreißig | Vitesco Technologies

Dr. Udo Kreißig

Head of Manufacturing Technologies
Vitesco Technologies

AI Integration for Enhanced Operational Efficiency at Vitesco Technologies

Balancing the permanent demand for higher efficiency and increased accuracy in production poses inherent challenges to financial outcomes. The pursuit of greater accuracy often translates to elevated costs, while efficiency enhancements aim to minimize production expenditures. Moreover, accelerated speed and reduced time to market, while desirable, can adversely impact overall costs (increased speed -> higher resource demand -> elevated costs).

In tackling this intricate dilemma, using artificial intelligence emerges as the most potent solution. The crucial question across all domains lies in the effective utilization of AI to maximize its benefits. Vitesco Technologies’ comprehensive strategy for production systems, combining artificial intelligence with process optimization, elevates speed and precision while driving down costs at the same time.

Vitesco Technologies’ methodical approach showcases how the integration of AI can pave the way for success across multiple dimensions.

About Dr. Udo Kreißig

Dr.-Ing. Udo Kreißig is Head of Manufacturing Technologies of Vitesco Technologies. In his role, he oversees all aspects of operational technology pre-development, and he stands as one of the key proponents driving Vitesco Technologies’ digitalization initiatives.

As an experienced product and process developer for drive train solutions, he has fostered his profound interest in Artificial Intelligence for over 15 years, both professionally and personally.

Dr. Kreißig holds a Doctorate in Mechanical Engineering from Technische Universität Chemnitz. He is committed to seamlessly integrate conventional process development with cutting-edge AI methodologies, exemplifying his dedication to advancing the intersection of technology and innovation.