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Dr. Martin Sczyrba

Senior Member of Technical Staff Product Development
Advanced Mask Technology Center (AMTC)

Photomask technology "Moore and More than Moore"

In its 20 years of production the AMTC has successfully driven technological development to enable manufacturing of photomasks to the most advanced technology nodes.

This technology, in parallel,  is also applied to manufacture optical products and imprint masters for emerging markets.

Both types of products require a variety of different aspects of manufacturing process automation. This talk will examine 2 innovative examples and their realization.

About Dr. Martin Sczyrba

Dr. Martin Sczyrba works as a Senior Member of Technical Staff at the Advanced Mask Technology Center Dresden.
After receiving his PhD in Physics from the Technical University Dresden, he joined the AMTC in 2003.

In his first role at the AMTC he worked in the Process Integration and the R&D group being responsible for developing the mask unit process and mask lithography simulations.

Based on a deep understanding of mask manufacturing and mask usability he leads the development of special products applying photomask technology.

These products range from masks for special applications to optical devices and nano imprint masters. These are no longer considered to be masks but can be manufactured using  mask manufacturing technology.