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Christoph Neumann

VP Technology
Kontron Europe

Standards based communication and deterministic data transport based on OPC-UA and IEEE 802.1 TSN

Standards driven machine to machine communication concepts are the prerequisite für Industry 4.0.
IEEE802.1 Time sensitive networking together with OPC-UA pub/sub provides the mechanisms for deterministic  and standards driven communication on wired and wireless 5G infrastructure and support the vision of vendor independent interoperability and scalability for the industrial IOT.

About Christoph Neumann

Christoph is a VP Technology for the Kontron group and head of the Kontron Design Center for Ethernet switching technologies and ARM based processors in Saarbruecken, Germany. He joined Kontron in 2004 with a group of engineers coming from the Startup Giga Stream UMTS Technologies and since then engaged in several Engineering positions in Kontron, including line responsibility for Kontron Europe engineering.
Before that he held various engineering and eng. management positions at Digitec/Creatix, US-based Diamond Multimedia and GigaStream.
He has a strong background in communication technologies and embedded hardware, as well as project- and engineering management.