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Bernhard Riester

Fab fitness for successful robotics implementation

Even though your wafer fab has already a high degree of automation and the equipment automation for ‚place and go’ is implemented, there are many traps you can fall in, when you plan to implement mobile robotics for lot transport and tool loading. The presentation is not about technical aspects like WIP control requirements, host communication, equipment automation and other.

It is about the hurdles in the transition from a manual operated wafer fab to a mobile robotics wafer fab. It is about the pre-work to make the transition to robotics a success in a very short time.

It is about the people in the wafer fab. What operators beside ‚place and go’ have to do to run a lot. What operators think about robotics. How robotics can help the operators to do their job better. For sure there is ‚waste‘ in the daily business on an operator. ‚X-raying‘ the ‚waste‘ is esential for the frictionless operation with mobile robots.

If the ‚hidden operation‘ is not X-rayed in detail upfront robotics is implemented, the payoff of the mobile robotics project will be delayed.

About Bernhard Riester

Education: Master in photo-engineering from the University of applied sciences in Cologne

1985 – 1988
Process engineer at Siemens with responsibility for Exposure Equipment Evaluation

1988 – 1996
Process engineer At TI Freising with various responsibilities in the Photo Module

1996 – 1998 
WW Deputy Lithography Technology Mgr. in Dallas

1999 – 2002
Module Mgr. Epi/Implant Freising Wafer Fab.

2002 – 2015
Equipment Engineering Mgr. Freising Wafer Fab

2016 – 2022
Engineering Mgr. Automation Freising Wafer Fab

actual:   retired