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Axel Wogawa

Software Engineer

An eclipse IoT solution for in-situ sensor integration in a wafer fab

Equipment data processing plays a major role to achieve a high fab yield in a semiconductor fab. The integration of external sensors in a retrofit tool poses a challenge to complete the overall data set within the Equipment Integration (EI) and the Manufacturing Execution System (MES). Often, one can find single solutions with locked data, lacking interoperability.

We present an example for the integration of external flow sensors in a Lithography coater tool. Our Ecplise IoT solution is able to capture, process and store the sensor data, providing easy data access.

The work presented in this paper is part of the JU-ECSEL project Arrowhead Tools.

About Axel Wogawa

Axel Wogawa holds degrees in Mechatronics (Ba.-Eng. FH) and Information Systems Engineering (Dipl.-Ing.) and is working at SYSTEMA since 2020. He has experience in all layers of the industrial automation pyramide (“from the sensor to the cloud”) with an emphasis on shopfloor-level automation and integration. His work is empowered by the overall team spirit of SYSTEMA, enabling innovative reserach as well as the development of next-generation IoT products and individual IoT retrofit solutions.