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17th Innovationsforum For Automation Dresden

28. January 2016 | Press

13th Innovationsforum: Internet of Things made in Dresden

The international attendees of the 13th Innovationsforum for Automation in Dresden discussed at this year‘s event again about current branch trends, requirements and developments in automation of semiconductor and high tech fabs.

The „13th Innovationsforum for Automation“ deals with information about the growing flexiblity in production areas and intelligent fab controlling systems. The optimization of production flows for more product diversity and avoiding of errors plays an important roll. Host of this event, organized by the Automation Network Dresden (AND), was the Infineon Technologies Dresden. The Automation Network Dresden is initiated by the four Dresden-based automation specialists HAP GmbH, Roth & Rau – Ortner GmbH, AIS Automation Dresden GmbH, SYSTEMA GmbH and XENON Automatisierungstechnik GmbH.

„More than 200 national and international guests like ABB, Infineon, GLOBALFOUNDRIES, T-Systems, TU Dresden, Fraunhofer and X-Fab followed the invitation.“, says Heinz Martin Esser, CEO of the Roth & Rau – Ortner GmbH and President of the Silicon Saxony e.V. proudly. „Now, we look forward with high expectations to the second Innovationsforum USA in September 2016 in Hillsboro/Oregon.“

Innovations Award goes to AIXTRON SE Every year the organizers of the “Innovationsforum” grant the “Innovations Award for Automation”. This year’s prize winner is AIXTRON SE from Herzogenrath with its solution of innovative control systems for deposition machines. AIXTRON SE works together with die AND-member AIS Automation in agile software developments for about 10 years.

Next dates are already fixed The next innovationsforum in 2016 will take place in the USA, again in Hillsboro, Oregon. It is the „2nd innovationsforum for automation USA“ on September 22 and 23. The „14th innovationsforum for automation 2017“ in Dresden will be on January 26 and 27.